The Story behind "Prairie Jack"

Long ago I discovered that an excellent source of energy for my dogs was fresh caught fish, but as the number of dogs in my kennel grew, it became impractical to continue feeding fresh fish, so I searched for a high energy alternative.  This is when I discovered herring meal.  The herring are harvested off the west coast for their roe, then the fish is ground and some of the oil is removed and used to make biodiesel.  The rest of the fish is then dried and packaged as herring meal.  While herring meal is sometimes found as an ingredient in high quality, all natural dog foods, I found it very difficult to purchase on its own.  I finally found a reliable source and have been using it for my own dogs for the last 7 years, experiencing incredible results.

I have added this supplement to water and used it to nurse dogs though illness and injury. I use it to encourage tired dogs to drink and finicky dogs to eat.  I start my puppies on it before they are even weaned and continue to use it through all stages of life. 

I started sending a bag full of the supplement with puppies or dogs going to new homes to help ease the transition, and soon I was getting requests from satisfied customers for more of this wonderful stuff.  While I was more than happy to pass along my source, my customers felt it would be easier if they could just get it from me, so “Prairie Jack - Nutritional Supplement” was born.

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"Prairie Jack" Nutritional Supplement
Prairie Jacks is pleased to announce the launch of our new product:  "Prairie Jack - Nutritional Supplement For Dogs"

"Prairie Jack Nutritional Supplement For Dogs" helps to provide many essential nutrients that are lacking in today's commercial dog foods.  It is an excellent source of protein and rich in essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. 

"Prairie Jack" is an excellent source of energy and is a perfect supplement for working dogs like the Jack Russell Terrier.  See below for feeding instructions.

Many of today's commercial dog foods are padded with fillers and grains that simply pass right through your dog's digestive system.  By using "Prairie Jack" to supplement your feeding, you may reduce the amount of commercial dog food you are feeding and thereby reduce the amount of fillers and grains in your dogs diet.  "Prairie Jack" is highly digestible creating very little waste.  By using "Prairie Jack" and reducing the amount of kibble you are feeding, you may actually reduce the amount of stool your dog produces (and that you have to clean up!)

Puppies and growing dogs need exceptional nutrition to grow and develop properly.  All of Prairie Jack's puppies are weaned with "Prairie Jack - Nutritional Supplement For Dogs".  Then when the puppy goes to it's new home, we send along a jar of this wonderful supplement to help ease the transition to the puppy's new environment. 

If you would like to try "Prairie Jack - Nutritional Supplement For Dogs", please use this convenient Order Form.

Feeding Instructions:

Maintenance: Add 1 Tablespoon (15ml) for every 1/3 cup (85 ml) of kibble.  Volume of kibble may be reduced.  (How much your volume of kibble should be reduced depends on your dog and it's energy requirements, start by reducing the amount of kibble by 1/3, then adjust according to the needs of your dog.  For example:  If you are already feeding 1 cup of kibble, try feeding 2/3 cup kibble and 2 tablespoons "Prairie Jack".)

High Performance: Add 2-4 Tablespoons (30-60ml) for every 1/3 cup (85 ml) of kibble.  (This is for working dogs that are very active every day.  Do not feed this way if your dog is not active or you may cause your dog to gain excess weight.)

"Prairie Jack" may be added directly to kibble, or to water to form a soup.  My preferred method of feeding is to add "Prairie Jack" directly to the kibble, then stir in just enough water to make it stick.  When my dogs are working especially hard, I stir some "Prairie Jack" in with their water to be sure they are getting the energy they need.

Legal Gobbledygook

"Prairie Jack" is intended for supplemental
feeding only.  Suitable for all life stages.

                          Guaranteed       Typical
Min. Protein.............68%................70%
Min. Fat......................6%................10%
Max. Fat...................12%................10%
Max. Moisture..........10%..................6%

Herring Meal
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