Allow Us to Introduce You to Our Jacks!

We ONLY breed animals that have proven their character and working ability....

Ibn (pronounced E-bin)

A fantastic hunter. 

Stocky and powerful, with great energy and instinct, Ibn does not disappoint. 

At 31.5cm tall, he is a great specimen of a short-legged Jack.  

His physical stature aside, Ibn has a solid character and a very stable temperment.  Always happy and willing, he is truely a joy to work with. 

With a beautiful black and white broken coat, and standing 29cm tall, Bint is a superb terrier. 

With a high degree of intelligence and a great passion for people, Bint is a wonderful family dog, easy to handle, both in the field and at home. 

Bint has been immortalized in her own novel, available here as a free eBook!

Long legged and narrow of chest, Uma is very fast and can negotiate some amazingly tight situations. 

A smooth coat, beautiful sleek body, 34cm tall, amazing instinct and talent, unequalled character in the field and in the home, and boundless energy, make Uma the epitome of hunting terriers. 
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